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      Penson & Co is an international trading company. Established in June 2014, we specialize in automobile parts, sports and household products- each under it's own brand name. With operations across Asia Pacific and the Americas, Penson & Co. is rapidly establishing a strong global following. Penson & Co. combines an international culture of best practice with in-house management of key operations including: E-marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Information Technology, and Design. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, and has an office and warehouse in Boston, USA. 

        At Penson & Co we are dedicated to providing our customers with a convenient, one stop shopping experience. Our extensive inventory of the high quality products at competitive prices and unrivaled customer service leaves no demand unmet. We have already gained a strong global recognition as a leading e-commerce company. We have a professional and passionate team that is determined to succeed. Passion brought us here, and passion and hard work will fuel our future. We equate success to the happiness of our customers. If they are smiling then we have done our job!

       We are devoted to the idea of living in a more sustainable world where technologies and manufacturing industry serve human beings without harming the planet and it's fragile ecosystem. We do our best to make Penson & Co one of the most innovative and popular brands by constantly upgrading the design and functionality of our products. We adapted integrated approach to our development, making sure the technological advances are used to alter the quality of everyday lives of our dearest clientele. 

      Via this flagship web-store we will offer you a large selection of high-quality items at a lower price (than those you could purchase on popular online trading platforms). Very many exclusive offers will be posted here, allowing you to save your money and time and make your shopping experience not only utterly satisfying, but also way more efficient. Make sure to check in regularly- our special holidays' offers are not to be missed! 



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