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Part I. Solomone Cavalli.


Bicycle- a vehicle with two wheels and a seat for a rider whose feet push pedals around in circles to make the wheels turn (Cambridge English dictionary)

Excellence- extremely high quality (Merriam-Webster English dictionary)

Excellent Bicycle- Solomone Cavalli (any English dictionary)


Solomone Cavalli was established in 2009 as a result of years of passionate quest and desire to transform this passion into something bigger. We are following a long tradition of the craft of bike making, borrowing traditional methods of design and construction, and adding to it our own personal take on what it means to make a great bike.   

We gathered the best bike designers from France, Italy and America and tried to couple their bustling irrepressible creativity and aesthetics with our knowledge and practical experience. The design and comfort are just as important as the quality and durability of the bikes. Having this in mind we came up with the finest fixed gear bikes, unmatchable in their looks, style, functionality, quality and safety. Our bikes are beautiful and they perform. As our business grew, we started to produce bicycle parts, e-bike conversion kits and outdoor gear (both for sports and camping).

The creative crowd behind the SC concept

In order to ensure sustainable practices we constantly monitor and control our manufacturing processes and look for new innovative ways to build the gear. Large chunk of our revenues are invested in R&D and improvement of our production techniques. We always stress and promote environmental awareness and for this reason created our Solomone Cavalli Riding Club which has more than 600 members and 10,000 online followers.     

We guarantee the best quality of product at very competitive pricing and get it fast delivery. 

 We invest our hearts in our work!

It’s not just a bike, it’s a Solomone Cavalli. Custom made. Tested. Reliable. Affordable. Carbon-free. We know what riding means to you, that’s why rider experience is at the forefront of every decision, every design, and every bike. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Good roads to you,


 Part II. Penson & Co.


“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do”- Emma Penson, Founder of Penson & Co.

Every day we wake up and engage in our pursuit to transform the world into a better place and make shopping as comfortable and convenient as possible. We want to make sure your business with us is going to save your time, money and effort and thus came up with the idea of universal all-encompassing trading platform. Unprecedented discounts, one-click purchases, easy navigation and fast delivery- all those are integral parts of our services. 

Technology is transforming every industry, with this in mind Penson & Co. have taken the best of China and made it available online. Our strong bilingual teams are all technically trained and can source any product and offer unbeatable prices. Our vision is to create a company where quality is a priority and transparency is a core value. The tendency of using quality over quantity allowed us to grow our business faster than our competitors and achieve our unique niche. Penson & Co was created with idea of utilizing best manufacturing practices and sourcing in order to offer you environmentally friendly goods at most competitive prices. We believe we can transform the market to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly.     


We constantly monitor our manufacturing processes and optimize them by improving efficiency, reducing waste, using industrial symbiosis, and eliminating harmful chemicals. The increased use of the most advanced technologies allows us to reduce the environmental impact of producing finished goods through distributed manufacturing.

Our company incessantly works on ensuring better payment terms for our customers, giving you much-needed flexibility in your business and everyday life. Special terms and prices are available for wholesale buyers interested in our merchandise.

As the company grew bigger it acquired 2 other of our now sister brands/ companies (Solomone Cavalli and Aurelio Tech), providing you with even wider selection of items for outdoors, auto-parts, camping and household items as well as power tools and gadgets. With us, you can find everything needed to equip your house, garage and to fulfill all active entertainment needs. Our customer base grows daily and we are happy to have your constant support and friendship.

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