2 Pex Crimp Tools 1/2"and 3/4" w/GoNoGo Gauge Pex Crimper Copper Ring

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Size: 12.2"x 4.33"x 3.15"
Weight: 69oz.
Material: Steel(45%23)
To make a crimp connection, you will need a crimp tool, crimp fittings, and copper rings. Take the copper ring and slide it over the PEX tubing. Use the crimp tool head corresponding to the size of the fitting; for example, this tubing and coupling are half-inch, so you would need to use the half-inch tool. Insert the crimp fitting and place the jaws of the tool squarely over the ring. Squeeze the jaws together around the ring to secure the connection.
The crimp system can only be used with standard PEX, and does not work with PEX-Aluminum-PEX.
Crimp fittings and rings are manufactured by Rifeng, and Crimp tools are available from Watts and HydroPEX.
Both tool kits include a Go-No-Go gauge, used to check your connections. If your connection is made correctly, you should be able to slide the gauge over the fitting, but you should still see a gap between the top of the fitting and the gauge. If the gauge does not slide over the fitting, or slides all the way down, the connection has not been made correctly.

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