Height Adjustable Standing Desk | Quick Up Down Stand Up Desk 36" Wide

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  • No need for special installation or any technical adjustments- easy to use, without a need for technical support; Takes only 5 seconds to lift the the desk and adjust to your height. Due to light weight and simplicity of operation/adjustment women can also operate it easily.

  • Tabletop load bearing capacity of up to 45LB guarantees stable and sturdy working platform, built-in keyboard tray load-bearing- 5LB. Strong & stable, to let your hands focus on the work; 5 seconds fast opening/extending design, super-convenient for notebook users too.

  • This ergonomic stand-alone desk allows any user of up to 6'5" of height to stand and do their job comfortably at work or at home. With a wide range of height adjustments (11- positions range) and large dynamic range of movement freedom this platform can accommodate to a variety of heights and body types.

  • Desk is made of E1 grade MDF / Melamine Veneer, environmentally-friendly materials; All the corners are made into soft arcs/ curvy design- for better looks and increased safety; The contact points of the desk system (spots where the desk touches your table/desk/surface you put it on) are covered with thick rubber pads, you will never have to worry that it will damage your tabletop or other furniture, you could even use it with antique furniture.

  • Designed to support large size 36" desktops, or you could place two monitors on one platform in case of need; Armed with a card slot, special interface for a pad or a mobile phone.

  • Product Specifications:
    Product weight: 52.15 lbs.
    Dimensions (Weighted Base): 30"(W) x 24"(D)
    Dimensions (Flat): 4.5"(H) x 36"(W) x 29.75"(D)
    Dimensions (Extended): 17.5"(H) x 36"(W) x 41.75"(D)
    Extension Height: 17.5" (Display Surface) & 14" (Keyboard Deck)
    Work surface measures: 36"(W) x 29.75"(D)(Display Surface & Keyboard Deck)
    Keyboard deck measures: 36"(W) x 14.25"(D)

    We spend 8 hours of time (or even more) in front of a computer every day, so if you can not relax or be absent from your seat during this time, our brains will be overloaded with information and in addition to that the body will be put under enormous physical stress which will lead to damage of cervical spine, lumbar spine, and will increase the risk of getting a number of chronic diseases. Thus we recommend incorporation of both sitting and standing into your everyday life and work, to help you maintain healthy posture and develop alternative (read: healthier) work habits. This is crucial, because sedentary behaviour increases the risk of the following: Dizziness,
    Increased intraocular pressure
    Neck pain and fatigue
    Loss of elasticity of vertebral column and back muscles
    Lumbar pain and muscles weakening
    Abdominal fat accumulation,
    and a number of other nasty consequences we will omit here.

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