Rosomi CB70 Advanced Smart Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

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Stainless Steel Nozzle: Provides warm water cleaning for the front and rear, with moving function to adjust the cleaning position and massage function. The anti-bacterial nozzle has self-cleaning and disinfection function, to protect your body from bacteria and disease.
Adjustable Water Pressure (3 levels), Adjustable Water & Air Temperature (3 levels), Adjustable Seat Temperature (3 levels)
Air Cleaning & Deodorant Function: This seat can purify the air and deodorize the odor, to provide a clean and comfortable environment. The soft-closed lid and seat makes your life quiet and safe. With the unique water filter, more than 99% of the bacteria and impurity will be filtered out before they touch your body.
Auto Power Saving & Night Light: The seat temperature can gradually decrease when it is not in use. When the room gets dark, the night light will automatically turn on if you open this function.
Electric Leakage Protection: This seat has an electric leakage protection plug, which can immediately stop the electric connect when there is an electric leakage.

Advanced Smart Bidet Toilet Seat CB70
Engineered for luxury, Rosomi CB70 is full-featured. With front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial material and a massage feature with a wide clean function, it cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning. Rosomi CB70 allows you to adjust the water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, warm air temperature and the position of the gentle aerated stream.
With a touch of the button, cleaning is followed by a hands free mild warm air dry, adjustable to three settings. Its heated soft closing seat provides comfort and relaxation at a temperature you control.

Advanced Material and Technology to Protect Your Safety
The stainless steel nozzle has self-cleaning and disinfection function, or, clean the nozzle once a week will be enough.
The seat is made of anti-bacteria PC material, strong enough to bear up to 400 lbs.
The leakage protection of plug can protect you from electric shock.

Choose Your Favorite Function on the Convenient Side Operation Panel
Cleaning: Smooth&Effective&Temperature
Adjustable water column gives you a reassurance cleaning experience.
Massage: Give you a Luxury Massage-Like feeling.
Defecate Function: It will effectively improve the uneasy toilet situations.
Warm Air Dryer: You can be comfortable dried through the adjustable air temperature.
Air Cleaning: It can purify the air and avoid
embarrassed situation. Night Light: It can be easily used when the room is dark.

Package Included:
1xThree-way Valve Kit
1xWater Filter
1xJoint Pipe
2xExpansion Pipe
2xMounted Plate
2xStainless Steel Bolt
2xMetal Circular Gasket
1xInstallation Manual

Note: You need a screwdriver and adjustable spanner to finish the installation.

One year warranty.Three years non-gratuitous warranty.

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